The Sarah Jane Adventures – The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith (Unreleased Soundtrack)

The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith (Unreleased Soundtrack)

The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith
Genero: Soundtrack
Año: 2009
Codec de audio: MP3
Calidad: 320 kbps
Tiempo de reproduccion: 44 minutos
Número de discos: 2
Número de tracks: 53

Disc 1:
01. Sarah Jane Goes Out – Tracking Sarah Jane
02. There’s No Need to Consult the Dog…
03. The Gang Watch Sarah Jane
04. We Thought She Was Hunting Aliens…
05. I Have Been Tracking Your Position…
06. I Should Be Angry…
07. Luke and Sarah Jane
08. Peter Arrives
09. Sarah Jane’s Package
10. The Package Bulges
11. Peter and Gita
12. Mrs. Chandra
13. Alien Activity Detected! – Chasing the Alien
14. The Alien Passes the House
15. Travist Polong
16. Luke and Peter’s Joke
17. 120 Christchurch Walk
18. I Want Her to Stay Happy
19. Peter’s Gaff – Peter Proposes
20. The Ring…
21. Wedding Plans
22. Total Deactivation Mr. Smith! – I Don’t Want Any of This Getting in the Way
23. The Trickster
24. Wedding Guests – Sarah Jane and Rani Arrive
25. The Wedding
26. Stop This Wedding Now!
27. Next Time

Disc 2:

1. Previously
2. Sarah, No!
3. The Doctor! – There’s Nothing Out There…
4. You Need Us…
5. We Can Use the TARDIS  
6. Allons-y – Temporal Skism 
7. Nowhere, Nowhen… – Always the Doctor 
08. Always The Doctor 
09. Pantheon of Discord… 
10. Time Trace – Time Trap 
11. I Thought I Loved You… – Peter’s Accident – Oh Peter, He Tricked You 
12. Let Me Find You… 
13. I Want You to Be Happy 
14. Sarah Jane Confronts the Trickster – The Trickster and the Last of the Time Lords – The Doctor Figures It Out
15. The TARDIS!
16. Left Behind…
17. Artron Energy – He Wants Me to Stop Defending Earth!
18. Clyde Tricks the Trickster
19. No Way Out. Either Way, I Lose
20. Clyde! Doctor!
21. Sarah Jane Reasons With Peter – I Withdraw My Agreement! 
22. I Love You Sarah Jane Dalton 
23. We’re Going Home…
24. The Wedding is Cancelled… – The TARDIS – Is This the Last Time… 
25. He is amazing, and So are We! 
26. Next Time 

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